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Part 4. The New DESOR corrections (suggested by DEMS members)

Page 11. On 10May47 (before the recording of 4706h)
Bill Robinson confirmed the making of a record with Duke Ellington. I suggest that we should accept the recording of Ain't Misbehavin' and Doin' the New Lowdown on 13Sep29 as genuine Ellington recordings. They are included in Steven Lasker's 3 CD set GRP Records GRD-3-640 and in the Masters of Jazz CD MJCD 101. Sjef Hoefsmit

Pages 48, 51 and 736. At a Dixie Roadside Diner is the correct spelling. Not Dinner! (4012b, 4028m) Carl Hällström

Page 49, 50 and 51. Recent research by DEMS member Ken Steiner through the radio logs at the Library of Congress has revealed that there were no tunes recorded on 6Sep40. Sepia Panorama (4019a) could belong to "any" day". Concerto for Cootie (4019b) is the last tune of the 8Sep broadcast, shown in DESOR as 10Sep (4021).

The broadcast of 7Sep40 (4020) is apparently the "late" broadcast, heard only locally, over NBC's Red Station WENR at 1:30 - 2:00 AM in the early morning of 8Sep, but it should remain to be listed as 7Sep. It is not a coast to coast broadcast, which is why the announcer does so much advertising talk regarding the Panther Room. Local broadcasts are not found in the logs at the LoC.

The session 4021 is a NBC Red Network broadcast including WEAF in New York, 12:04:52 - 12:30 AM EST, from 8Sep401. The last title in the log is missing in DESOR: Concerto for Cootie. I believe it is 4019b.

The session 4022 is a WJZ and WEAF broadcast on 1:30 - 1:57 AM, the early morning of 11Sep. We suggest to put it on the official date of 10Sep. It looks like this: Sepia Panorama; Mood Indigo; April in Paris (4022b); The Same Old Story; Plucked Again; Something To Live For; Whispering Grass (4022e); The Mystery Song (4022e); Warm Valley (4022f).

I suggest to move Tootin' Through the Roof (4022a), to the 21Sep session (4025). So Far, So Good (4022c) is actually from session 4023. It belongs between All Too Soon and Solitude.

Session 4023 is confirmed as a NBC Blue and Red Networks broadcast including WJZ and WEAF in New York, 1:30 - 1:57 AM EST, from 11Sep40. There is one title in the logs which is not mentioned in DESOR: So Far, So Good, between All Too Soon and Solitude.

We have not been able to confirm session 4024. Blueberry Hill (4024e) and Harlem Air-Shaft (4024f) appear to belong to the 21Sep broadcast (4025). The remaining (four) titles must be considered "unknown date(s)" at present.

The radio log for 21Sep (4025) looks like this:
WJZ broadcast 12:05 - 12:30 AM:
Sepia Panorama (4019a?); Jig Walk (4025a); Whispering Grass; Blueberry Hill (4024e); Harlem Air-Shaft (4024f); All This and Heaven Too; Maybe; There I Go (4028e?); Madame Will Drop Her Shawl (4028d?); Tootin' Through the Roof (4022a); Warm Valley.

The radio log for 26Sep40 looks like this:
WJZ broadcast 12:05 - 12:30 AM.
Sepia Panorama; Rumpus in Richmond; All Too Soon; Our Love Affair; Orchids for Remembrance; Maybe; Cotton Tail; There I Go; Cross Town; Little Posey (4026a); Warm Valley (4026b).

There are many broadcasts not mentioned in DESOR with often familiar titles from the stay at the Sherman Hotel. It would be too speculative to assign these dates to the remaining orphans. Carl Hallstrom

1. Willie Timner was right after all if the correct date was 8Sep40 and not 10Sep40. Hoefsmit (with his comments on the 3rd edition) made him change the date to 10Sep (in the 4th edition). Hoefsmit was wrong. DEMS

Pages 91 and 1278. Session 4504.
With You Awaitin' for Me is not the correct title. I listened carefully to Anita O'Day announcing and singing this song on the Jazz Band double CD of the Second Esquire Jazz Concert (DEMS 02/1-21/1). There is no doubt that the title should read Wish You Were Waiting for Me. In the liner notes this song is credited to Wood/Grant. Sjef Hoefsmit

Page 141. Session 4647, 10Nov46. What happened with the first movement of "The Beautiful Indians"? It is documented in the old Desor as 407s. Tony Faulkner**

Page 197. Session 5332, Prob. Fall 1953.
My spellcheck does not accept Tallhassee. I believe the correct spelling is Tallahassee. Sjef Hoefsmit
Tallahassee in indeed correct. Roger Boyes

Page 241. 5Sep57, location is not the Festival Concert Hall, Stratford, Ontario. It is the Festival Theatre that was opened in 1953. Keith Richardson

Page 245. (See DEMS 02/1-23) Session 5746, 9Dec57. Hans- Joachim Schmidt suggested in DEMS 02/1-23 that we replace Jimmy Woode with Oscar Pettiford in Together, as claimed in the liner- notes of the LP CBS 26306. The recording report of Columbia does not confirm this claim. We will make a correction on page 1486. Luciano Massagli

Page 366. Eight years ago I received a tape from a dear friend. Because I figured that I had all the concerts he mentioned, I did not listen until recently. I found the first part of the second concert of 9Mar64. It goes like this: Take the "A" Train; Black and Tan Fantasy, Creole Love Call, The Mooche; Perdido; Amad; Agra; Bluebird of Delhi; Isfahan. The following titles are identical with the Pablo release (LP and CD) 2308-245: The Prowling Cat; Happy Reunion; Caravan. I am not sure about the correct sequence of the titles, but I have not found any audible trace of editing in the tape. I'm very sorry that I didn't discover this earlier. Sjef Hoefsmit

Page 487. Session 6785, 1Sep67.
We currently know take -1 of Lotus Blossom 6785d. Other, clearly identified takes however survived; they all remain unissued:
- Lotus Blossom UPA1 -8539-2 (0:04) HC false start
- Lotus Blossom UAP1 -8539-3 (0:03) HC false start
- Lotus Blossom UAP1 -8539-4 (5:25) DE/HC complete
- Lotus Blossom UAP1 -8539-5 (7:03) DE/HC complete
Klaus Götting

Page 511. Session 6851, 23Sep68. Where does the title Laughing on the Outside (6851e) come from? The correct title is Latin American Sunshine. Jean Portier

Page 525. Session 6912, 25Apr69. On page 1468, Gregory Herbert on alto sax is mentioned to have been in the band from 22-30Apr69. One would expect to see him mentioned in the personnel list of 25Apr69. He is also not mentioned in Klaus Stratemann's "Day by Day - Film by Film" on p588. Sjef Hoefsmit

Page 607. Session 7121, 16Apr71. My tape has the indication: Lincoln Center. It is not complete, but neither is yours. My tape starts with C-Jam Blues. It has Bourbon Street Jingling Jollies after Chinoiserie and it ends with Satin Doll. The following selections are compared with the tape in the New DESOR and they are found to be identical: Kinda Dukish & Rockin' in Rhythm; Creole Love Call; Chinoiserie; Take the "A" Train; In a Sentimental Mood and "The Goutelas Suite" with the exception of Fanfare, which is missing on my tape. Lloyd Mair

Pages 738, 815, 973 and 1199. (See DEMS 02/1-24&25) Jean Portier is an attentive listener and he makes some very keen observations that enable us to correct some mistakes. But we do not agree with him about the identification of the following soloists:

In Awful Sad (page 738, 2809a) the last soloist, in our opinion, is not BB but HC: the alto that we hear just before should be JH. In Creole Love Call (page 815, 3202c,5° and 3205c,6°) the clarinet solos are played by HC.

We confirm CW in Jungle Jamboree (page 973, 2911b,3°) and BB in That Rhythm Man (page 1199, 2910a, last 8 bars).

Luciano Massagli

Page 758. Black, Brown and Beige
add: 6510 A. Black, q.v.
??? Sorry!

Page 775. The lyric to Brown Penny was penned, not by John Latouche and not by Billy Strayhorn, but by William Butler Yeats. Strayhorn set the words, almost verbatim from the poem of the same title, to his own music. Dan Caine

Page 855. Dusk on/in the Desert, 3716i. (Br m8029 shows in; Par(E)R.3041 shows on.) I believe the trumpet soloist to be Whetsel, not Stewart. Steven Lasker

Page 878. (See DEMS 02/1-24) Steven Lasker asked for our source that Johnny Hodges composed Goin' Nuts. It is on the label of LP Coral LPCM 97015. Luciano Massagli

Page 901. Honeysuckle Rose, 4509ag on my tape is much longer than your description. I hear after Harry Carney's interrupted solo a trumpet, a trombone and a clarinet. I think you should correct the description. Lance Travis

Page 1213. The Mooche, 5211a. >br>The Columbia 10"-LP CL 2522 from 1955, called "Duke's Mixture" has a version of The Mooche that puzzles me. None of the descriptions in the new DESOR fits. It has a very prominently recorded bass (OP? WM? JW?). The bass is featured in the 12 bar band passage, too. Paul Gonsalves answers the muted trombone. Then Harry Carney solos on baritone for 12 bars, an alto follows (Willie Smith? Rick Henderson?). There are stops between solos, a device that was later used very effectively in the slow blues at Newport '56, Blues To Be There. - Do you know more about this version of The Mooche? Hans-Joachim Schmidt**

Yes. It is from 1Jul52, New DESOR 5211a. DEMS**

I was looking for the striking differences in this version, but they are not noticed by the New DESOR. The description is wrong in that it is definitely Paul Gonsalves on tenor behind Quentin Jackson in 4° and 5°, not Hilton Jefferson on alto. Paul plays the role of Johnny Hodges (later Willie Smith) here, and HJe is "recompensed" with an extra solo afterwards.

There is another reason why I didn't find this version in the New DESOR: the description of the passage "pas12BAND" between 1° and 2° does not mention the bass. But the bass is featured like in no other recording of The Mooche I know of, and JHa, who had this role of answering the ensemble (cf. 5102a: pas12BAND&JHA;) is more in the background now. In 5211a it should read: pas12BAND&WM;&JHa.; Hans-Joachim Schmidt

Page 1241. (See DEMS 02/1-25) Three Blind Mice played by DE on Apr38 is the same as that played by Trumbauer and the Chicago Loopers. Morehouse was probably the arranger of these two editions and we agree with Steven Lasker that the song is traditional. Luciano Massagli

Page 1287. The closing selection on the Laser Disc "Memories of Duke" is Take the "A" Train, which is not mentioned in the rundown of the Laser Disc AMLY-8029 on page 1287. It should be mentioned, because it is different from track 12 on the LD, 6851g. Victor Schonfield wrote in DEMS 92/2-6: "The two versions of Take the "A" Train are not the same. On the second version is some extra alto at the start of the bridge in the first chorus, which does not happen on the first version." These two versions are on the Tring CD (91/4-5;92/2-6;92/3- 1;93/3-2;95/1-6) on tracks 10 and 13. Klaus Götting has even detected a third version of Take the "A" Train in the film "Mexican Suite" which belongs to Duke's stay in Mexico. (See page 7 of this Bulletin.) Sjef Hoefsmit**

Page 1467. Down Beat issue of 16Aug73 reported that Tubby Hayes died 8Jun following open heart surgery. He was 38. John Hornsby

DESOR small corrections 5004 (accepted by Giovanni and Luciano)

Volume 1 (Corrections August 2002)

18 - (to p66) From the instruments played by HC: delete, add a.s.

26 - Session 3502. Though Truckin' should be read Tough Truckin'. (02/1-25)

33 - Session 3802. COOTIE WILLIAMS AND HIS RUG CUTTERS. BB(cl.,t.s.) instead of BB(cl.). (02/1-11/3)

46 - Session 4003. Delete 4003g & 4003h. Session 4004. Add 4003g & 4003h. (02/1-23)

68 - Session 4307. The exact date is April 25, 1943. (02/1-23)

72 - Session 4329. Delete 4329p.

73 - Session 4335. The correct date is : June 25, 1943. (02/1-23)

86 - Make a note for a new session 9026 of 1Jun44 on Correction-sheet 1035. (02/1-2)

162 - Session 4911. Change 4911p Blues No.01 into B-Sharp Boston. (01/3-21/Q11)

247 - (and Correction-sheet 1007) 5807a. Add Co CK-48654; 5808a. Delete: Co CK-48654. (02/1-23)

272 - Session 5912. Change March 9 into March 10; delete Storyville; change Boston, MA into Los Angeles, CA. (02/1-24)

307 - Session 6202. 6202d, Melancholia and 6206e, Janet. Delete: unissued; add DETS Souv.Rec.1984. (02/1-24)

396 - Session 6522. Same as 6503, add: , but: CW(t.) out.

551 - Make a new note for 17Nov69 concert in Lyon, session 9021, now on Correction-sheet 1035. (02/1-24). The note for Correction-sheet 1029 (01/3-26) can be deleted. On 1035 is an update of session 9021.

613 - Session 7136. 7136i & 7136j. Delete: Afrique (Toto); add: Toto. (02/1-6/1)

Volume 2 (Corrections August 2002)

XXXIX - Delete: Toto .. Afrique. (02/1-6/1)

722 - Afrique. Delete, from Other titles: Toto. Delete: 7136i & 7136j. (02/1-6/1)

732 - Animal Crackers, 2603a. Add: 5°BAND. (02/1-24)

732 - Delete: Any Bonds Today?

739 - B-Sharp Boston. Add: 4911p 1°/12°DE(e.p.);13°6DE(e.p.),%. (01/3-21/Q11)

767 - Delete: Blues No.01. (01/3-21/Q11)

784 - Caravan, 3611f: 5°(nc)32BAND&DE; instead of 5°(nc)32BAND. (02/1-24)

801 - Clouds in My Heart, 3611a: int4DE&BT;,cod4DE&BT; instead of int4DE,cod4DE. (02/1-24)

806 - Come Sunday, 6522c. Same as 6506c; add: but HJo instead of CW.

DESOR small corrections 5005

Volume 2 (Corrections August 2002 continued)

819 - Creole Rhapsody, 3104b: 9°IBAND&JH; instead of 9°BAND&JH.; 3104c: pas8DE;10°IIDE instead of pas12DE;10°IDE.

875 - Gal from Joe's, 3813d. Delete: intDE; Replace cod6BAND,2DE with cod6BAND,6DE. (02/1-24)

901 - Honeysuckle Rose, 4509ag. The structure should be read as follows: int8DE;1°2HC,%,24HC;2°HC;3°/4°TJ;5°8LB,%,6LB; 6°JHa;7°16BAND&JHa;,8JHa,8BAND&JHa.;

907 - I Can't Give You Anything but Love, 3214c. The structure should be read as follows: int4BAND,2DE;ver16EW&DE;1°30EW,2DE; 2°(nc)30EW;cod4EW. (02/1-24)

1055 - Oklahoma Stomp, 2918b: ver16CW instead of ver16HBR. (02/1-24)

1089 - Ring Dem Bells, 3011a: 10°BAND&BB; instead of 10BAND&BB.; (02/1-24)

1091 - Rockin' in Rhythm, 3103e: Same as 3103d instead of Same as 3103b. (02/1-24)

1099 - Rose Room, 3816c: Add at the beginning: int6DE; (02/1-24)

1102 - Saddest Tale, 3414b: 4°HC(cl.) instead of 4oHC( (02/1-7/1)

1121 - Sharpie: P.Mills instead of I.Mills. (02/1-5/1)

1123 - Showboat Shuffle, 3503b: 2°16BAND+2BT,12BAND,4RS instead of 2°28BAND,4RS. (02/1-24)

1130 - Solitude, 3402a: 1°16 instead of 1° (02/1-24)

1153 - Sponge, Cake and Spinach, 3713e: the third chorus should be read as follows: 3°(nc)7BAND,1BB,7BAND,9HC,6BAND. 3713f: Same as 3713e, but: 3°(nc)7BAND,1BB,7BAND,1BB,8HC,6BAND. (02/1-25)

1156 - Stevedore Stomp, 2905f: the fourth and the fifth chorus should be read as follows: 4°(nc)30BB; 5°6BAND,2JH,6BAND,10JH,8BAND&BB.; (02/1-25)

1240 - Though Truckin', both the title and the two descriptions should be deleted. New descriptions under the correct title, Tough Truckin', will be available on Correction- sheet 2004. They should be read as follows: (corrected structure:) I14;II8
3502d: int4DE;1°IJH(s.s.);2°IRS; 3°IIJH(s.s.);4°/5°IIHC;cod4BAND,5DE.
3502e: int4DE;1°IJH(s.s.);2°IRS;pas4RS; 3°IIJH(s.s.);4°/5°IIHC;cod6BAND,7DE. (02/1-25)

1241 - Three Blind Mice. Delete: C. Morehouse; add: traditional. (02/1-25)

1249 - Make a note to go to Correction-sheet 2004 for descriptions of Toto. (See 722 above) The descriptions can be found on page 722 under the title Afrique for 7136i & 7136j after the following earlier correction: 7136j: int14DE&JBe; instead of int4DE&JBe;

1249 - Make a note to go to Correction-sheet 2004 for new descriptions of Tough Truckin'. (See 1240 above)

1329 - Item 0213, Columbia CK-48654. Change 5808a into 5807a. (See Page 247 on 02/1-23)

1349 - Item 0335, D.E.T.S. Souv.Rec.1984. Prior to Reflections in D on track 1 of side A are Melancholia and Janet. (See Page 307 on 02/1-24) Correction-sheet 3012.

1349 - Make a note for CDs 0851 and 0852, D.E.T.S. 9039001/2 (00/4-20/3 and 01/1-21/2) Correction-sheet 3012. Make a note for CDs 0853, 0854 and 0855, D.E.T.S. 9039003/4/5 (01/2-31; 01/3-28 and 02/1-26) Correction-sheet 3013.

1382 - Make a note between 0516 and 0517 for CD 0849 - MEDIA 7 MJCD-174. (01/2-25/1) Correction-sheet 3012.

1450 - Carney, Harry. Add Saddest Tale on clarinet; delete Saddest Tale on bass clarinet. (02/1-7/1)

1477 - Lee, Peggy. May 6, 1920 - Jan 21, 2002.

1478 - Marshall, Wendell. Oct 24, 1920 - Feb 6, 2002. (02/1-1)

1486 - Pettiford, Oscar. Delete, from Stay in the band: December 9, 1957. (See Page 245 on 02/1-23 and on 02/2-26)

Correction-sheet 1029. Delete session 9021. An update of session 1029 is now on Correction-sheet 1035. (See Page 551 on 02/1-24)

New DESOR correction-sheets


9021 // Lyon // 17Nov69 // 02/1-24/551 (This is an update of 9021 on Correction-sheet 1029)
9026 // NYC // 1Jun44 // 02/1-2


3014/3101 // MEDIA 7 MJCD-174 // 01/2-25/1
6202/6304 // DETS Souv.Rec.'84 // 02/1-24/307
4511/13/4313/29 // DETS Vol.1 // 00/4-20/3
4515/21/74/4329 // DETS Vol.2 // 01/1-21/2

4527/87/30/92 // DETS Vol.3 // 01/2-31
4535/76/36 // DETS Vol.4 // 01/3-28
4537/91/38 // DETS Vol.5 // 02/1-26

Small corrections

5004 - Two pages with small corrections, assembled April 2001, from page VII until and including page 1475 (see 01/1-28); assembled August 2001, from page 63 until and including page 1499 (see 01/2-30); assembled December 2001, from page 84 until and including page 1440 (see 01/3-22); assembled April 2002, from page 15 until and including page 1515 (see 02/1-25) and assembled August 2002, from page 18 until and including page 806 (see 02/2-27&28)


02/1-2, left column, against the end of the Walter van de Leur report: (see 02/1-2, 3, 4 and 5) should read (see 02/1- 22/2, 3, 4 and 5)

02/1-19/2. Read Duke Ellington Treasury Shows, Vol. 5 and not Vol. 2.

02/1-21/5. History double CD. Tracks 9/12 on CD 2 are from 4Jan45, not from 4Nov45. DEMS

NOTE: These typing errors have been corrected in past online issues - Peter MacHare (jun 2003).