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Did Ellington attend
the Cannes Film Festival
in 1965 or earlier?

supplement to
The Duke – Where and When
A Chronicle of Duke Ellington's Working Life and Travels

Since "The Duke - Where and When" is very large, I moved some material to supporting webpages. This one is about a possible visit to the Cannes Film Festival in the early 1960s.

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Lawson and Ellington, Cannes
Lawson and Ellington,
reportedly backstage at
Cannes Film Festival

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Three stories in Beckley, W.Va., newspapers in 1965 suggest Ellington received an award for the soundtrack of a film at the Cannes Film Festival in France. If it is true, it may have been in May 1963, when Ellington could have made a side-trip to the Cannes Film Festival en route to the tour of U.S. bases in Germany. It is by no means certain that he wrote or performed the music, nor that he won an award at Cannes.