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Jenkins in 1929
Jenkins in 1929
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Since "The Duke - Where and When" is very large, I moved some material to supporting webpages. This one is about trumpeter Freddy Jenkins
This webpage was created and is maintained by David Palmquist,
with considerable input from fellow researchers
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Freddie Jenkins

Frederick Douglas Jenkins
October 10, 1906 - July 12, 1978

supplement to
The Duke – Where and When
A Chronicle of Duke Ellington's Working Life and Travels

Date of Birth:

Early life events:

These events are largely drawn from Reminiscing in tempo with Freddie Jenkins, Storyville 046 April/May 1973, pp.124-133. In the Duke Ellington Society of Sweden Bulletin, January 2015, Bo Haufman identifies the uncredited interviewer as Roger Ringo.

Early musical life:

Professional beginnings:

With Ellington:

Freddie in 1934
Freddie Jenkins
(crop from 1934-02-19 band photo)

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After Ellington